An introduction and overview
The people, the organisation and its evolution
Articles about the process by the senior Tara therapists

Introducing Tara Rokpa Psychotherapy


Tara Rokpa is a process of inner development and maturation that combines Eastern and Western understanding of the mind. Its basis is understanding oneself and the development of compassion towards oneself and others. Tara Rokpa uses methods from Mahayana Buddhism and Western psychotherapy methods to develop the potential and the true inner value of each human being. This method always relates to our direct experience and works to develop awareness and insight on all levels - through play and fun just as much as through challenge and effort. "We understand only what we see, and what we understand determines what we see. The more expanded, open and inclusive our view of reality, the more valuable our lives will be."

Tara Rokpa is being offered on several different levels:

  • Tara Rokpa seminars: self-contained weekend courses and seminars focused on specific themes. They can also act as introduction or to get to know the method.

  • Tara Rokpa process: the basic 5-6 year process of inner development and maturation. This self-responsible work is basis and prerequisite for the next level:

  • Tara Rokpa therapy training: a psychotherapy training which is at present available only in Great Britain and Ireland. A German curriculum is under consideration.

  • Tara Rokpa therapy: as individual therapy, at present only available from a small number of trained Tara Rokpa therapists.