Under the Bodhi Tree: Lyrics

Sitting in the shade of a tree
The world going by
What is it for me?
A dream and a magic display
Taken seriously
Who's awake here but me?

The deers curling up at my feet
Warmly pant in my glow
No need to speak
The birds in their soft nest above
Singing, feeding their young
Come and go in my love

Last night, in a dark evil storm
Mara failed to unthrone
The truth that's unborn
Today, in a brilliance of light
Brahma knelt in my sight
Wanting sight for the blind
Wanting light for the mind
Wanting words for their ears
Wanting help with their tears

From this ocean of peace
From this palace of bliss
I shall slowly release
The truth of what is

Turning wheel after wheel after wheel
In each of their dreams
They too will enter the stream