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The Living Sea Scrolls

poem by Ken Holmes, Summer 2011


The living sea scrolls
Back and forth
Against shores of this and that
Mediterranean to Middle Way kiltland
Homeland, kith and kinland
Spinning acres of spinnaker
For the friend ship

Horizons unfixed
Determined only by where you are
Where it will arrive; unknown
Dazzling ripples, drenching spume
Dark, solemn night waves caressing
Mildly groaning heaving wood

Living seas scroll
Between frozen continents
Of content and discontent

Living sea scrolls
Between the many endless skies
And the unfathomable, unsleeping ocean beds



On the Noctilio in La Ciotat bay 2005, photo: Ken Holmes
The Noctilio is a 30m, two-master ketch sporting 400m² of sail
Top photo, view of Les Lacques and La Ciotat bays, photo: Ken Holmes